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My Story

As early as I could remember I was always searching the meaning and purpose of my life and existence. I always believed I had a purpose here and wanted to know what that was. As a young kid itself I was passionate about reading the life stories of great people. And it was from those readings that my evergreen heroes Mother Teresa, Martin Luther King Jr., Mahatma Gandhi and Abraham Lincoln inspired me to do something massive, inspire people and leave my signature on this planet before I left. But none of these happened and I found myself married off before my nineteenth birthday and was a mother even before I was twenty. All I could see around was darkness. No hope, no scope for doing something massive or leaving a signature.

I was restless althrough my life. I had a gut feeling that if I die without figuring out my purpose and fulfilling it, then that is the biggest ingratitude to my creator. To top this mental misery I was under acute pain and confined to an impossible life because of a physical illness by the the time I was just 34. What to do? How to leave my signature? Why am I born here? How can I figure out and fulfill my life purpose without my health? Why me? What had I done wrong to endure this severe pain? Why me? Why me? Why me?

I couldn’t figure out an answer to the question “why me?” All I could see was darkness all around. I was not ready to give up. I told God “I know I’m here for a purpose, though I’m in this acute pain and movement restrictions I know I’m still alive because I haven’t fulfilled my purpose. Please give me the light, show me the path. I will travel it however hard it is.” I started thinking about things that I can do to leave my signature, but couldn’t find anything for a couple of years. Each time I feel a little better with my health I will set out do do something which would eventually worsen my condition and bring me back to bed. 

Things changed for better when I met my beautiful mentors who helped me turn my camera inward. I saw my strengths, my possibilities, my purpose, the true meaning of my life… Now I help people to figure out theirs and it is so fulfilling. I now believe I’m perfectly abled to do that I’m here to do. I just need to focus on that and stop being desperate about the things I can’t do. And that’s exactly what makes me I’m Possible in my life.

I’m now on a mission to build a community who believes they are perfectly abled and that makes them I’m Possible in life. I truly believe that is the massive work I’m destined to do, and that’s my signature. It’s my imperfections and disabilities that showed me my real potential. We just need to master the art of connecting our dots backward inorder to move forward smoothly and easily. I feel so grateful when I’m able to inspire someone to figure out their path.

Life is now so beautiful. There is absolutely no need for any haste. Everything happens so beautifully at the perfect timing. We only need to be receptive and open to embrace it as it is. 

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