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Below are the other services offered by Shabeena A M.


One on One coaching

Being a person who lived an impossible life for more than half a decade and later evolved as the I'm Possible Architect of my own life, I can guide you to break all your limits and be I'm Possible.

I offer two packages:

1. Mission Moon: Weekly one session of 45 minutes duration for 5 weeks

2. Mission Mars: Weekly one session of 45 minutes duration for 12 weeks


Motivational Group Session

Motivational sessions for your tribe be it adults or students, you can invite me for a 1hr, 2hrs or 4 hrs session on a topic you want me to speak about.
My areas of expertise include The Why of Crisis and Challenges in Life, Mindfulness, Law of Attraction, Meditation, Goal Setting and Time Management.

Services: Work
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