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Hi!  I'm Shabeena A M

I'm Possible Life Architect
Author, Coach & Speaker

Being a person who surpassed the pain & trauma of sciatica & cervical spondylosis, I'm on a mission to help the people suffering from pain and mobility challenges to see through their limitations, find their strength and discover what they are originally meant to do here. Show them they can live the life of their dreams & be productive too. I founded the Strength Navigators Hub in 2024 for this purpose. I also authored the book, Power of Possibilities and Sadhyathakalude Rasathanthram (Malayalam).

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About Shabeena A M

Shabeena A M positions herself as the I’m Possible Architect of her own life and passionately works to help others become the same in their lives. She dreams of leaving her signature on this planet before she bids final goodbye. Apart from being an author she is also a trainer, coach and speaker on a mission to make the impossible, I’m Possible. Being bedridden and confined for more than half a decade, her positivity and resilience helped her have a massive comeback to a whole world of possibilities.

She holds a Masters in Clinical Psychology as well as English Language and Literature. A passionate reader who also loves adventures and travel. Though she has just  started taking baby steps after being confined for around 7 years, she looks forward to winning a marathon in future. She loves to set intentions to hit impossible targets and make them possible in her own way. Her mentors and friends often call her “queen manifestor,” “rock star,” “I’m Possible” etc.

She aspires to inspire people and bring back that beautiful smile on their faces. Right now she is indeed living that dream of hers. 

She lives at Calicut, Kerala, India with her husband and two kids. 

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Power of Possibilities: Shift from Impossible to I'm Possible

January, 2022

What is the secret to shift your life from impossible to I’m Possible?

Are you stuck in your life? Wherever you turn, is it only limitations and impossibilities that you see all around? Is your health and physical conditions or situations limiting your life? Are you feeling your life is a waste and that you are a burden to your family or to the earth itself?

These were the thoughts and feelings the author was going through in her life. Often totally dependent on her loved ones even for the basic needs, all she could see was an impossible life ahead of her. She was not ready to live that impossible life or give up on her dreams. Being determined and dedicated to her cause, she started a quest to overcome her limitations. And this book documents the lessons she learned and their results; the secrets which helped her become the I’m Possible Architect of her own life.

She explains each concept she learned using her own life stories as examples, giving the readers the exact action steps which she followed in her life.

So, are you willing to become the I’m Possible Architect of your life?

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Testimonials from clients

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Shalini Sewnadun, UK

Hi Shabeena

I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your help in the last 12 weeks.

I still remember the day I contacted you when I felt so much darkness in my life. I was kinda knocking at doors seeking for help and someone guided me to you. Gratitude to that angel too

I am definitely a transformed person after your sessions.

You helped me so much and main areas are below:

• with my resistance and judgements towards life and people

• From being unhappy to being happy

• Accepting myself

• How to handle my relationships from a place of love rather than judgements

• Understand and cope with my health better

• how to deal with disempowering beliefs and flip them into positive and powerful ones

• Dealing with issues at my workplace where I did not feel valued. Now I have my confidence and get appreciation and respect

• How to surrender

• How to approach and work on my dreams

The above are a few to name and learning from you is an exhausting list. Loved to listen to your examples and your experiences of your journey during the sessions which are motivating and brought me back to light.

Yes like you keep saying I am no longer that same person who connected with you for first time. You should be proud of yourself for transforming me for the better.

And I can only be very greatful for all the valuable sessions and your patience with me. I know on certain days I was a bit of a nut cracker and you had been so patient and never rushed any sessions even though we at times went over the scheduled time.

So grateful that coaches like you exist where people like me who suffer can get help from.

Thank you so much Shabeena A M.

Love you

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